Identity: Letting Go of Society’s Perception of Who You Should Be.

This is said to be among the best times to be alive. I mean why not? There has been groundbreaking development in technology; life is being made easier and easier for us every day. With Google answering most of our questions, you can’t deny that the internet is heaven sent! We now have easy access … Continue reading Identity: Letting Go of Society’s Perception of Who You Should Be.

Low-key Envious? Learn to Genuinely Celebrate Others.

Its graduation season again!! Yaaay to all the graduates of 2017, congratulations ya’ll. It’s an awesome time of celebration and joy for everything you have achieved, university is not the easiest, I know. As much as I love to celebrate others, I can’t help the gnawing feeling/thought at the back of my mind that reminds … Continue reading Low-key Envious? Learn to Genuinely Celebrate Others.

Uniquely Created!

We all have people we admire, people we look up to, even people we want to be like. We like their style, their poise, the way they command a name it. They seem to be so put together. And we are waiting and hoping that one day, when we have it all together like … Continue reading Uniquely Created!

The Storms Within

A very happy new year every one. It’s quite exciting to start another year. To many of us it is a chance to start over, to right our wrongs and to make better decisions. We have so many plans and resolutions and everything else that comes with starting a new year. I know that most … Continue reading The Storms Within

Guest feature: Nicolette Kiige 

Nicolette Kiige is a singer/musician, an AMAZING worshipper and my good friend. She shared this piece on her Facebook page, Nicolette Kiige. I encourage everyone to follow and like her page for encouragement, powerful worship and more information about her ministry. Enjoy.  ​There seemed to be a season where there was nothing but disappointment after … Continue reading Guest feature: Nicolette Kiige