I will bless the Lord at ALL times. His praise shall continually be on my lips. Psalms 34:1

Did you know that David wrote this Psalm during one of the toughest seasons in his life? This Psalm was written when David was so afraid for his life that he pretended to be insane before Achish king of Gath. The Bible records in 1 Samuel 21:13 that David, fearing for his life, … changed his behavior in their sight and acted insanely in their hands, and he scribbled on the doors of the gate, and drooled on his beard.” And yet in all this David was still able to worship God with all that is within Him.

Why do we worship? When do we worship? Do we worship in response to what God has done or do we worship in response to who God is? Do we worship only when things are going according to plan? Or like David, do we worship at ALL times, regardless of the circumstances around us? It is way easier to worship when God has answered our prayers, or when we everything is going well but when we are faced with difficult situations or circumstances, we find ourselves denying God of the worship that He truly deserves. I love the bridge of the ‘Desert song’ by Hillsong, which says:

All of my life,

In every season,

You are still God,

I have a reason to sing,

I have a reason to worship.

The fact that God is still God is enough reason for us to worship Him. When things are good He is God, when things are bad He is still God. He is God regardless of the season you are in.

Bill Johnson once said that the reason why God does not show up in all His majesty and splendor all the time is because when He does our worship will be involuntary; we will have no choice but to worship Him. But when we choose to worship Him regardless of what is happening around us, that is a sacrificial worship and it pleases God. The only time we can worship God sacrificially is while we are in the world. When we get to heaven everything will be perfect, there will be no tears, no pain, no struggles and of course the glorious presence of the Almighty. Sacrificial worship is a choice that we have to make; it’s not from a place of comfort and it is also not easy but God who sees your heart will reward you.

Worship is powerful, the Bible records various instances where worship brought about freedom, deliverance and breakthroughs. For instance, in 2 Chronicles 20, the Israelites were under attack. The king appointed singers to walk ahead of the army, singing to God and praising Him for His holy splendor. Verse 22 says that the very moment they began to sing; the Lord caused the rival armies to start fighting among themselves and destroyed each other. The Israelite army did not have to lift a finger to fight against their enemies. All this happened because they worshiped God.

Similarly, in 2 Kings 3 when the kings and their armies had no water to drink and they needed a prophet to inquire of the Lord on their behalf, prophet Elisha asked for a harpist (minstrel) before he could hear what God was saying. Verse 15 says that while the harp was being played the power of the Lord came upon the prophet and he was able to give clear instructions to the king and his armies which led them to victory. Another good example is the story of David and Saul in 1 Samuel 16; whenever David played his instrument the foul spirit that tormented Saul would depart from him.

So why do we hold back from worshiping the King of Glory? Why do we give God that which costs us nothing? Why do we exalt our feelings or circumstances above the majesty of the Almighty?

Worship is a weapon of warfare, it pleases the Father’s heart when we worship Him and most of all it is an expression of our unconditional love to Him. So worship Him in the storm, worship Him in the calm…let ALL that has breath praise the Lord.

I honor you.


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