The Storms Within

A very happy new year every one.

It’s quite exciting to start another year. To many of us it is a chance to start over, to right our wrongs and to make better decisions. We have so many plans and resolutions and everything else that comes with starting a new year. I know that most of us will start with such a drive this January, we are excited about all that is ahead of us and we are ready to put in the work we are supposed to in order to achieve all that we are expecting to achieve.

But, what happens when we hit a brick wall? When our efforts don’t bear the fruits we are expecting, or when things don’t seem to go the way we had initially plannedLife is too short to belived counting the years.Enjoy the ride and makeamazing memories.Have a great birthday!.jpg. What happens then? Do we quit? Do we give up? Or do we go back to the drawing board and start over?

In Mark 4, the Bible tells us the story of the storm that Jesus and His disciples encountered. Jesus was in the boat sleeping peacefully as the storm went on. His disciples on the other hand were panicking, they had the Son of God in their boat and they were panicking! I personally judged them a lil’ bit, you’d think they’d know by then that as long as Jesus is around then everything will be alright, especially because He was the one who told them to “… crossover to the other side.” (Vs 36 NKJV).

Well, we really aren’t that different from the disciples. We have been given an opportunity to start afresh this 2017; we have been instructed on what we should do and how we should do it. We are cool with it at first, excited even, but as soon as the storm starts we, like the disciples, are quick to think that Jesus does not care that we are perishing (Vs 38)! Keep in mind that Jesus did not ask them to go alone! He said “let US”, meaning He will be there the whole time, He was taking the journey with them. But even then the disciples were still frightened.

I personally think that the storm outside was not the problem, it was the storm within. The kind of storms you fight in the middle of the night, crying out to God, the ones that no one knows about.  When the enemy has bombarded you with lies that you will perish, when fear has crippled you from taking any further step, when insecurities have pushed you to hide in a corner and not walk in your purpose, when you think that the same God who loves you so much does not care about you and has left you for dead in this life. When you have the Prince of Peace in you and yet have no peace. Those are the storms I’m talking about. After all, it is the water that gets inside the boat that causes it to sink!

And just like He asked the disciples He is asking you today, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith and confidence in Me?” Why don’t you trust Him? He is so faithful. You’ve made it this far, can’t you see that He has a purpose for you?

I have no idea what this year holds but what I know for sure is that it is going to be so great. I encourage you not to give up, not even when you think you have hit rock bottom, because you are then in the perfect position to encounter the Rock of Ages. You can do any and all things through Him, you are enough, you were created for this, and you are empowered to break off any limitations and anything that is in your way as long as you are in Him.

I honor you.


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