Guest feature: Nicolette Kiige 

Nicolette Kiige is a singer/musician, an AMAZING worshipper and my good friend. She shared this piece on her Facebook page, Nicolette Kiige. I encourage everyone to follow and like her page for encouragement, powerful worship and more information about her ministry. Enjoy. 

​There seemed to be a season where there was nothing but disappointment after disappointment. Some things I had created from my own stubbornness, other things just seemed to come at me no matter how low I ducked.  Whatever it was, during that time I lost my song. You see, God made me musical, it is in my nature to show my love for Him and worship Him through music. So the thing that was embedded in me, my song, just disappeared. Now, on the outside I was fine.. tell me to sing and I would coin up any melody, but alone, something that was second-nature to me for so long.. something I would do while cleaning or even woke up doing, seemed to have just gone. It was hard to explain to those close to me..most of my days were filled with silence.
Imagine this: Your dad gives you $100 for Christmas presents. You are most likely going to choose which store(s) to go to wisely to capitalise on that $100. Now when Christmas day arrives, and your dad opens up that gift, seeing his face light up, along with his excitement makes it worthwhile. That moment  is what a lot of people look forward too!
Now that’s how it should be with our heavenly Dad. He gives us gifts that we can go work on.. perfect and maximise them. Imagine how it must make Him feel and how proud of us He is when we are all about Him . Now, for you it may not be music…it may be dance…writing.. speaking or even sport.. but that passion, that fire that was embedded in you, is there to give back to Him. Do not allow the Devil to steal your gift. Remember, that’s his M.O. : steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).
I had to get past how I felt and actively make a conscious decison, that no matter what, I will worship Him at all times( Psalm 34:1), with what He has given me.. and to trust that He had me, no matter what I felt. (Proverbs 3:5)
And so for you, I want to let you know that He loves you fiercely and the fact that He woke you up with His breath in your lungs,   means your story is not over. If it is not good, then it is not the end. Why? because Jeremiah 29:11 says so.

Written by Nicolette Kiige.

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