My Worst Critic

I ask you, what are your words doing? Is your tongue building you up or tearing you down? Are you planting the seeds of success or foretelling a future of failure? Are you pouring courage into yourself, encouraging yourself, giving yourself the power to think, speak, try, and do things without fear? Or are you draining courage from yourself, discouraging yourself, paralyzing yourself not to do these things because you’re sure you will fail? – *Excerpt from my devotional this morning*

It’s easier to speak life into others. We see their effort and achievements, and admire them from afar or compliment them on it or even low-key want to be like them. Unfortunately, we are not as kind to ourselves.

It is true that we are our own biggest critics, but I realized that excessive self criticism cripples us instead of empowering us to do better. Consider this scenario; you are working for someone who is constantly pointing out your faults and criticizing every thing that you do. How long will you last in that job? You’ll probably always be in a bad mood, or not excited about going to work, or go as far as hating your boss. So why are you being a bad boss to yourself? You do and/or say mean things to yourself that you probably wouldn’t consider acceptable behavior from someone else.

Think about it; the more you are encouraged or commended for your work, the better you do. Apply this simple principle in your attitude towards yourself. 

Seeing yourself through the lens of God is the beginning of your partnership with the sweet Holy Spirit who empowers you to become EVERYTHING you were created to be.

It will not be easy, it may even be slow, but trust the process. This is your becoming.

I honour you.

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