Whose Report Will You Believe? 

Worship was amazing last night during choir rehearsals. 

Before we left, a friend told us that we should guard our hearts, that usually after an encounter with God the enemy will try to get you off your high horse, he’ll use anything just to mess you up. And she was so right. 

I was fine until this morning, I woke up to plenty lies, so many accusations, so many reminders that I’m not good enough, that God doesn’t really care about me, I mean who am I for Him to listen to. He is a busy God focusing on His proper children right now. I am such a mess He doesn’t want anything to do with me. Unfortunately for me I embraced those lies, even after I remembered what my friend said, I totally couldn’t shake them off. So I just sat there and threw myself a silly pity party.

I took my silly party to church this morning. As service was going on, NextGen Voices led us in a song titled ‘Whose report will you believe’. Immediately the Holy Spirit asked me “So, whose report will you believe? Will you believe what the enemy has been telling you all morning?” In that moment I repented for believing a lie, even when I knew that it was a lie and I confidently, in response to His question and to the song, said that I shall believe the report of the Lord.

Just encouraging anyone whose been listening to and believing in lies…this is what the report of the Lord says; 

His report says you are healed, His report says you are filled, His report says you are free, His report says VICTORY! 

Declare it, own it, believe it because this is exactly what He is saying about you. Do not give the devil a chance.

I honour you.

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