Complaints complaints complaints!

Back at it with the Israelites again. Those guys could complain though. Again, if you are yet to read about them you really should…start from the book of Exodus.

They complained about being slaves in Egypt, God brought them out. Then they complained before crossing the red sea, God parted the waters. They then went on to complain about there being no food, they got manna from heaven, and then they complained about not having meat. Then they complained about being thirsty, fighting giants and so on and so forth.

God heard their cries every single time but they didn’t even notice, they went ahead to look for the next thing to complain about. They complained about their answered prayers. They prayed for freedom from slavery, and when it came, they told Moses that it is better off if they were still in Egypt. They prayed for food but when it came they still complained about it after a while.

Do you do that too? Do you pray for a job then complain that you have to wake up in the morning to go to work? Do you ask God to use you then complain about serving at church? Do you pray for a husband then bash him and complain to God about this man who is lacking so and so? Do you pray for school fees then complain about having to study for school? Are you complaining about the very thing you prayed for?

Exodus 14:27

“How much longer are these wicked people going to complain against me? I have heard enough of these complaints.”

For the Israelites, the journey that should’ve taken them approximately 40 days took 40 years. Could it be that you’ve been complaining so much to the extent that it is taking a while for God to allow you to get into your promised land so that you can get rid of that attitude?

Check yourself. Apologise to Him if you’ve been complaining against Him.

Stop complaining and start appreciating, because there will always be people who would do anything to have what you have. Live with the attitude of gratitude and see how your life will turn around.

I honour you.

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