No more excuses

I have recently been obsessed with the story of the Israelites and their journey to the Promised Land. My Pastor has been teaching about “the roadmap to success” and it has been one of the most impactful teachings in my life, especially in this season that I am in. I’ll probably do another post from this story; there is so much to learn from them.

For those of you who are not familiar with the story, I’ll summarize it here but you can find it in the book of Exodus all the way to Joshua… and beyond I guess, the more you read the better ;). But for today I’ll concentrate on Numbers 13. This is the part where they send in 12 spies to check out the land. They had travelled for a while and now they were finally where God had promised them, I can imagine they were excited in the camps. So the spies do their thing but when they came back they had 2 different reports. All of them said the land was good but only 2 believed that they could totally take possession of the land and the people in it, the other 10 chickened out and decided to scare the whole camp. You should seriously read it, my summary isn’t so good.

So…anyone else noticed how God gave them a promised land that already had “giants” living in it. I mean, I would expect it to be nice and easy where they’ll just move in and relax and enjoy their land of milk and honey, but nooo, they first had to defeat the giants before they can get it.

Moral of the story; FYI there will be giants in your promised land. That degree you want, the job, the business…whatever it is that represents your promised land will have battles to fight. All my folk who think that just because God promised you something it will easily land on your lap in a platter of Gold please stop playing yourself. Get off your couches people and do what you need to do in order to get in to your promised land. Attend your lectures, do your assignments, get to work on time, do quality work, research for your business, learn new things…do all it takes.

Something else; don’t partner with the 10 people (majority) who are afraid of the giants, forgetting that He who is in you is greater than any giant out there. God has promised and He will do it. Partner with Him instead.

Listen guys, you can either be a coward and assume that the giants will crush you or you can look to God, remember His promise and play your part knowing full well that the whole of heaven is backing you up. Choose ye now…I pray you make a wise choice. I honour you.

12 thoughts on “No more excuses

  1. Emeka says:

    This is an amazing piece. I am definitely blessed to have read this… I will conquer the giants in my land and possess the land.💪🏾 I shall recover it all


  2. Dicta says:

    Wow sugar….I’m so glad I read this especially with the giants I am currently battling right now. Your words have certainly encouraged me to keep on and to not give up. God bless u!!! ❤❤


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