I’m excited…can you tell? 🙌💃

Hello everybody, this is so very exciting. Welcome to The Becoming. 😊😊😊

This platform is basically about the things i’ve learnt and/or am learning in my own journey of life with the Lord.

It’s what i’m learning as I embrace my God given identity and purpose, becoming all that He has created me to be. Becoming a butterfly when I thought I was a caterpillar, becoming a princess when I thought I was a frog (I know the story was about a prince…improvise people 😜), and whole heartedly receiving the amazing love that He so freely gives.

Expect to laugh and cry and learn with me through this journey. I’ll do my best not to bore you (say a prayer) and to be as honest and as eloquent as possible.

Most of all, I pray that someone’s life will be changed, all to the glory of Jesus.

One more thing guys… feel free to comment, ask questions or share with others. I honour and love you all ❤.

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